June 16, 2007

She Must Be On Drugs!

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by Granvel Johnson

A young lady approached me last night in the parking lot of Ralph’s market as
I was putting my groceries into my car. She was selling synthetic flowers. I
was not interested. She then asked if I would give her money to help her
buy some food. Again I wasn’t interested!

If I have to get up every morning drag, my butt to work (rain or shine) why
can’t she and the rest of the people who always expect me to GIVE them my
hard-earned dollars! I figured she must be trying to get money out of me so
that she could run off and by crack or some other drug – after all she didn’t
look too clean anyway. I continued putting my food and the food for my dogs into
the car. Is it possibly that my dogs will actually eat better then she tonight?

Why did those words come back to haunt me – You know the ones from the New
Testament. “When I was hungry, you fed me not”. “When I was in jail, you
didn’t visit me”. Whatever you do to the least…you do also unto me.
The scripture does not say: Feed those who lost their job in a company
downsizing. Or visit those who are in jail unjustly. Or give help to those
who are honestly struggling to get ahead.

I bought a house 2 years ago. I’m looking for a new car. Looking for a
hot tub to go into my backyard. Took a wonderful trip to Hawaii this year.
I have mutual funds, a checking account and 2 savings accounts, but I can’t give
a hungry person a dollar. To top it off I send out the Morning Meditation
everyday encouraging others to experience the love of God – Does the term
“physician heal thy self” mean anything? It does to me today.

My aunt once told me and I need to continually remind myself “All you are
required to do is give help – what they do with the money is their business.
It’s between them and God” Needless to say I caught up with the women and gave
her $2.00, she was grateful and still offered to give me the synthetic flower
(which I could suddenly see was a beautiful handmade rose). I declined
her offer and went home to exercise and feed my dogs.

Giving money to those on the street is a struggle for me. I can give to
organizations freely (Church’s, AID’s, Children’s clubs, Library, etc).
Giving to someone on the street continues to be a big struggle for me. I
guess because I tend to judge the person and his/her motives. A motive which
I can truly never know. There is another New Testament scripture reminding me
to stop judging. If you remember me in your prayers, you know what area I
need help in.

Perhaps its called “Loving thy neighbor”.

Peace and Many Blessings