February 28, 2006

A Walk to Remember

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Every night, thousands of children in Uganda walk from their villages to the center of town and sleep on the ground to avoid being kidnapped. If they are found at home when the rebel army comes through, they will be taken. The boys will be tortured and forced to be soldiers. The girls will be forced to be worse. Because they have to disappear at night, they are called invisible children.
The documentary, Invisible Children, has been circulated around the country for the last year. Their story has been featured on news shows, and recently the CNN blog. To bring attention to their plight, on April 29th, thousands of Americans will go into our city centers and sleep for one night. It’s called the Global Night Commute. To learn more about the invisible children and find out how you can participat in the Global Night Commute, go to invisiblechildren.com.

February 27, 2006

Marriage: A Faith Partnership

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In church today, our guest pastor told us the story of his wife’s difficult pregnancy. She started having contractions at 13 weeks and called her husband because she was afraid it was the beginning of a miscarriage. Her husband called his friends over to the house and all of them (more…)

February 26, 2006

Help In The Nick Of Time

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When I was younger, I used to say that if I were a millionaire, I would start a charity that helps people with the little things in life, like paying overdue electric bills or rent. I noticed that most charities and the state welfare system only seemed to help people in dire circumstances, and that a lot of people were stuck in the middle because they had a difficult time with their finances, but weren’t bad off enough to receive help. I wanted to fill that gap and help people so that they didn’t have to become destitute. It looks like I’m not the only one who had that idea. Modest Needs is a charity that does just that. People from around the country donate money and other people from around the country receive it. The money can be used for past due bills, medical necessities, car fixes and any other expense that may cause a temporary financial setback.